Saturday, 11 June 2011

WT01 - Human Hands / Your Neighbour the Liar 7"

Our first release!

This is a co-release with Chaz (Eat A Book), Dany (Art for Blind), and others, and we're pretty excited about it.

Human Hands are an emotive hardcore band from the West Midlands, spewing out the classic mid-90s style emo, just like it should be. A 6 minute song on their side, with an enchanting 3 minute long crescendo, mixed with beautiful Yaphet Kotto/Indian Summer influences. Canny good.

Your Neighbour the Liar involves beautiful segments of spoken word, mixed with tinges of chaotic emo, not too dissimilar to an amalgamation of Acid House Kings, Twilight Sad and Baton Rouge (sorry for the lazy descriptions).

Listen to the Human Hands side here, and the YNTL side here!

Hopefully out July 2011
"We were not meant for this. We were meant to live and love and play and work and even hate more simply and directly. It is only through outrageous violence that we come to see this absurdity as normal, or to not see it at all. Each new child has his eyes torn out so he will not see, his ears removed so he will not hear, his tongue ripped out so he will not speak, his mind juiced so he will not think, and his nerves scraped so he will not feel. Then he is released into a world broken in two: others, like himself, and those to be used."