we have a load of zines, stickers and patches in the distro too! 

A6 zines

Beyond Hope (Derrick Jensen) - environmental; finding beauty and discarding 'hope'. part of the Wildwood series
Carefully Planned... - lovely little photozine by Chaz of Human Hands and Eat A Book Records fame. 
Future Primitive (John Zerzan) - philosophical appreciation for the almost complete reversal in anthropological orthodoxy, focussing on leisure in nature. part of the Wildwood series
Industrial Domestication (Leopold Roe) - beautiful primitivist philosphy, part of the Wildwood series
Moments of Struggle: An Illustrated Introduction to Some Anarchist History - does what it says on the tin, really
Next Stop Adventure! #1
Next Stop Adventure! #2
Next Stop Adventure! #3
Next Stop Adventure! #4
matt gauck's series of occasionally-illustrated, very interesting stories. lots of fun, and a thick set of zines too!
No Comment: The Defendant's Guide to Arrest (4th edition) - getting arrested is no fun at all, especially when you've done nothing wrong. know your rights and use them! 
The CCTV Treasure Hunt - boo to surveillance! fun little game to play with friends, as illustrated by these pigeons
This Is Actually Happening - poetic anti-authoritarian views on the deepening crises of contemporary capitalism. special focus on london. 
With A Smile & A Twinkle In My Eye! - interview with anarchist ex-prisoner mark barnsley

A5 zines
<3 VEGANS - a vegan zine with recipes and info, made by our very own William Smith
2 Poems - beautifully sad poetry by cj reay
A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance - compiled for the workshop "how to love your bike right" at the 2003 portland zine symposium. alternatively, you can message me or will about your bike woes because we both love bikes and fix 'em up constantly
A Vegan Guide To Newcastle - cj reay does it again! what a nice man he is. fully illustrated and writted in a north-eastern accent (mint!)
A Zine For Sam - stories, memories, photographs and much love for a greatly missed friend
An A-Z of borders: Perspectives from the UK No Borders network - most educational. no person is illegal
Anarchism: The Feminist Connection - anarchafeminist educational zine. emma would be proud
Anarchism: What is Really Stands For - succinct transcription of emma goldman's work
Back Up: Political Criminal Girls - restless resistance breaking down walls and negative thoughts across europe
Barbaric Thoughts: On A Revolutionary Critique of Civilisation - grassroots anti-civ thoughts
BUMZINE #1 - sensational photozine featuring a very nice bum in numerous styles of underwear
Chart Your Cycle! - "a ten year menstrual cycle chart to help you go with the flow, plus a decadesworth of interviews, articles, facts and resources"
Coffee Shop Crushes - favourite zine in the distro. stories from all over the place, those who have loved, lost, and lattéd 
Communicating Vessels #17 - a periodical of rebellious thought and poetry
Emma Goldman: Anarchism - taken from anarchism & other essays
Everything Dies #7 - beautiful comic put out through microcosm
Exposing "Little Guantanamo": Inside the CMU - danial mcgowan's words of truth from the inside of the communication management unit
Fortunes Of The Seasick: A Zine for Idle Minds - a meandering study of modernity, or something like that 
Girls Who Fight - upbeat inspirational zine featuring womyn kicking ass!
Great Anarchists - though a contradiction in terms, this zine highlights a good number of historical anarchists and has accurate sketches. has lots of quotable things to shout at racists and sexists too (handy)
Hey Monkey Riot! #2: Mayday, Shopping & Elections
Hey Monkey Riot! #3: The G8 Issue
- last hours' edd explores facing up to cops and other issues in comic form
I Wish I Was Dust - the Casual Terrorist CD of the same name. comforting zine addressing loneliness
Invincible Summer: An Anthology
Invincible Summer: An Anthology #2
- nicole's introspective, sweet stories, lovingly illustrated
Keep Fighting - 3 interviews with britain's animal liberation front press officers
Lucida Console: Issue Nine - music zine featuring ssssnakes / arteries / period drama / sci fi reviews
Mainshill: Stories From the Woods - zine written from the trees of scotland as activists resist scottish coal's planned open cast mine
More Meals Without Squeals - recipes from the isle of wight vegan crew. exceptionally good, packed with things!
Morgenmuffel: Comic Zine #19 - Isy's heartwarming double zine which sees her move from brighton to the west country, and go on tour across the united states! (pink or red covers available)
Mousing About In A Twisted City - short musings on living in cities. a bit bleak
Off The Map Freedom Fighters - words from revolutionary souls
Opinionated Geordie Monsters - geordies review the local music scene
Out Of The City & Into The Trees - personal anti-civ zine written from the trees
Palestine: The Case For Justice - palestinian solidarity campaign infobooklet
Papercutter #13 - 3 talented comic artists tell us some tales
People On Buses & Trains - the absolutely lovely and very talented cj reay gives us a hand-drawn sociological insight into his travels
Radical & Revolting: The English Working Class - informative historical zine on class in the UK
Recipes From New Leaves - recipes for an ecological vegan diet based on home-grown food
Resistance is Everything #4 - ideas are bulletproof. we're here to smash the machines
Resistance: June 2009 - anarchist paper focussing on occupations
Rolling Dumpster - an anarchist comic of dangerous living
SHAC7 zine - lyrics booklet made for a vegan-bands compilation CD in aid of the SHAC7
Shut Up & Love The Rain - "queer anarchist happiness through good living"
Sing For Your Supper - a diy guide to playing music, writing songs and booking your own gigs
Sometimes Things Are Possible - inciting and inviting people to live off the map and escape oppressive authority
The Adventures of Geoff: Half Shark Half Octopus - comic zine detailing Geoff's daily happenings
The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement (2nd edition) - advocating for truth in advertising, appreciating its power
The Cake Scoffer - vegan cake recipes!
The Fenham Poetry Zine - a collective poetry zine by residents, ex-residents and appreciators of Fenham, Newcastle
The Frugal Vegan's Harvest & Holiday Survival Guide - funky recipes, keeping warm, cheapo gift-wrapping ideas, bartering, etc...
The Frugal Vegan's Spring & Summer Survival Guide - spring cleaning, raw food section, travelling on a budget, frugal gifts, keeping cool, keeping clean, sorbet corner, cheap ways to promote veganism...
The Guardian Guide to DIY - exceptionally handy for around the house!
The Salad Scoffer: Picnic & Party Food Recipes - cheap and easy vegan cooking! it's not often you find a vegan recipe zine that's good for the summer :)
The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages - who said all anarchists were dour loners? this is heaps of fun!
Things Are Meaningless - al burian graphically presents his travels through loneliness and depression
This Is My Journey - short comic about two people whose levels of privilege and entitlement are drastically different. critical look at the militarised role of borders. who is illegal?
Total Destruction - straight edge fanzine against the ruling social order
Uncivilised - a primer on civilisation, domestication, and anarchy
Vegazine Nov '10 - vegan facts, quotes, recipes
Vivisection: Science Or Sham? - exploding the myth of animal research and its value to human health
WARRIORS: Anti-Civ - vegan anti-civ zine
What The Fuck is Anarcha-Feminism Anyway? - answers the aforementioned question. 
Why Freegan? An Attack On Consumption In Defense of Donuts - critique of consumerism, advocating dumpster diving and other such larks
Willful Disobedience - anarchist zine; "the time has come to say things without mincing words"
xTRUE NATUREx: Stolen Children, Stolen Lives - vegan straight edge zine expounding on the lyrics to xtrue naturex songs. raising awareness of animal liberation, earth liberation & humyn liberation