Monday, 19 March 2012


-Next up is the Moat s/t tape (super DIY!), which should be ready for a release show in Brighton, the weekend of 30/03/12

-The tape version of Momentum's 'Whetting Occam's Razor' record will be out mid-April.

-Though a little delayed, the split LP from out European friends Child Meadow & Remek (WT05) should be available late April, which we're SO excited about. Check out Remek's side here -

- Next, we have the murmurings of the next Hammers full length - the Vardogr 10". It'll be recorded by the end of this month, and available in May. More details to come....

-Finally, we're happy, and humbled, to be involved in the Lich / Man Hands split 10". Both bands are comprised of some wonderful friends we've made over the last few years, and the tunes are incredible. Definitely the best songs recorded so far by each band. Release date is TBC, but definitely within the next few months. It's a co-release with the mighty Parade of Spectres & Adagio 830.

peace out - enjoy the sun! x

'Blow the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open the heavy curtains which are so dear to you - you do not even suspect that the day has already dawned outside.'

WT06 - Martha - Martha EP

This is a very special release for us. Very different to our usual deal, but very close to our hearts. Martha is a four-piece powerpop ensemble from the North East of England.  Martha are members of ONSIND, Fashanu, Speeding Bee & more, and are all old friends of Will's (his old nickname was 'Speeding Bee Will'). This first CD release was recorded in a blanket fort in Gateshead in January 2012.

5 bittersweet songs about Audre Lorde, Ernest Hemingway, The Seneca Falls Convention & more.
FFO: The Marked Men via Motown, The Housemartins via Pity Me. Ted Leo via Chester-le-Street.
This is a split release with Discount Horse Records.
Check out Martha here 

WT04 - Hungry Lungs - demo 7"

Incredible modern hardcore, the pummelling drums, raging vocals and concise riffs will hit you in the chest, leaving no time to recover. This record encapsulates what harcore means to us; our involvement with this band came from our friendship with Adrien (Glaucoma Releases) who, when he joined the band, excitedly sent us some recordings, asking us if we'd like to take part in the release. We didn't regret it at all. A shining example of German hardcore! For fans of Alpinist, Converge, Ressurectionists, His Hero is Gone etc.
Co-released with Halo of Flies, Farblos, Contraszt!, React With Protest, and our favourite sweethearts, Parade of Spectres.

100 gold & 400 black pressed, in beautiful silkscreened covers.

Sold out from most labels within a month or so....

WT03 - Black Everest s/t 7"

Ex/current Only for the Sake of Aching & Lentic Waters, Black Everest are powerful yet playful, and difficult to categorise; somewhere between hardcore, screamo and atmospheric crust. Totalling over 11 minutes of solid hardcore, the demo is a fine representative of modern German hardcore. Split LP with Dutch atmospheric screamo veterans Captain, Your Ship is Sinking out in 2012.

Co-released by us, Moment of Collapse, Time as a Color, Farblos, Communication is not Words & more

800 pressed on black vinyl, 200 grey vinyl. Released Summer 2011