Monday, 19 March 2012

WT04 - Hungry Lungs - demo 7"

Incredible modern hardcore, the pummelling drums, raging vocals and concise riffs will hit you in the chest, leaving no time to recover. This record encapsulates what harcore means to us; our involvement with this band came from our friendship with Adrien (Glaucoma Releases) who, when he joined the band, excitedly sent us some recordings, asking us if we'd like to take part in the release. We didn't regret it at all. A shining example of German hardcore! For fans of Alpinist, Converge, Ressurectionists, His Hero is Gone etc.
Co-released with Halo of Flies, Farblos, Contraszt!, React With Protest, and our favourite sweethearts, Parade of Spectres.

100 gold & 400 black pressed, in beautiful silkscreened covers.

Sold out from most labels within a month or so....

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