Friday, 21 October 2011


We've been pretty busy this summer! As well as hitting up Cry Me A River and Fluff Fest, and tens of incredible shows inbetween, we're super excited to announce the following releases we're helping to put out!

More info to follow....

WT01  Human Hands / Your Neighbour the Liar (Autumn 2011)
WT02  BØREDØM - 'World Bores To Death' LP (out now)
WT03  Black Everest - S/T 7" (out now)
WT04  Hungry Lungs - demo 7" (Autumn 2011)
WT05  Remek / Child Meadow - split LP (Winter 2011)
WT0?  Momentum 7" (2012)
WT0?  Black Everest / Captain, Your Ship is Sinking - split LP (2012)

We've also stocked up with more distro records than is sensible, so check out what we have....

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