Friday, 13 July 2012


After the best weekend at CMAR with old and new friends, we're back with a well-deserved blog update...

- the distro has been updated  (... with Thou, Filthpact, Panzram, Shoppers, Autarkeia, Fell Voices, Alpinist, Masakari, Fall of Efrafa, Tesa, Titan, Cloud Rat, Bokanovsky and much more....) thanks to our long-awaited trades with Coffee Breath, Bitter North, Halo of Flies, IFB, Alerta Antifascista and more.
- the Hammers 'Vardøgr' records are in - we've given one a spin and it's seriously A+
- the Remek / Child Meadow split 12", along with its detailed insert booklet (so much love has gone into this record) will be in any day now
- the Lich / Man Hands split 10" (which looks awesome, by the way) is in stock and ready to roll
- the Moat tape and Hungry Lungs 7" have almost sold out but we've still got a few copies. The Momentum tape (available in red or black) is still available too.
- show-wise, Will's been hard at work with the last ever Battle of Wolf 359 UK show and the upcoming Tempest / Lich and Bonehouse and Slingshot Dakota and Defiance, Ohio and Heartless shows in London. Drop us an email for more info (this blog's rarely updated....)
- the distro list has been updated (see the link at the top), and if you're after anything then let us know at

Love always, Lucy & Will x

“As the hours, the days, the weeks, the seasons slip by, you detach yourself from everything. You discover, with something that sometimes almost resembles exhilaration, that you are free. That nothing is weighing you down, nothing pleases or displeases you. You find, in this life exempt from wear and tear and with no thrill in it other than these suspended moments, in almost perfect happiness, fascinating, occasionally swollen by new emotions. You are living in a blessed parenthesis, in a vacuum full of promise, and from which you expect nothing. You are invisible, limpid, transparent. You no longer exist. Across the passing hours, the succession of days, the procession of the seasons, the flow of time, you survive without joy and without sadness. Without a future and without a past. Just like that: simply, self evidently, like a drop of water forming on a drinking tap on a landing.”  Perec.

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